Projector Maintenance

Just like any other type of electronic equipment, image projectors also need to be properly cleaned and maintained in order to keep them in excellent condition and to extend their working life. In cleaning your projector, please follow the following maintenance tips:

The way to maintain it

The way to maintain it


Cleaning the lens
Projector lenses are quite sensitive to scratching, so you must take some precaution when cleaning them. You can clean them using a dirt-free, non-invasive cloth slightly dampened with isopropyl alcohol or with a lens cleaning solution. Avoid using just about any kind of cleaning chemicals on the lenses to avoid damaging them. Another way to rid the lenses of dust is by spraying them using a can of compressed air. But in doing so, be careful not to spray the air too close to the lens.

Climate and ventilation
You can further extend the working life of your projector by putting it in an area with the right, moderate climate. Using the device in a place where temperatures vary greatly from cold to hot may cause harm to its parts. Also ensure that your projector is adequately ventilated. Avoid covering the equipment’s vents so that heat can dissipate. Never expose your projector to moisture, dust and smoke for they may harm the screen image and the projector lamp.

Projector Filter
Almost all projectors have an air filter that should be maintained regularly. A dirty filter may cause the projector to run hotter, thus causing the bulb to burn out early. You can clean the filter by spraying it with compressed air. The clean-up must be at least every three months or every month, depending on the projector’s environment.

Projector Lamp/Bulb
The lamp of a projector may eventually lose its brightness over time. So when your presentation video has dimmed, this means that you must start ordering a new bulb. Most projector lamps usually last for up to one thousands hours. But by properly maintaining your projector and air filter, you can extend the working life of your projector’s bulb to a longer period.

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